Chapter one : Obliterating Perfection
I. The Amendment of a Cosmic Fault / 126th A.p.A. The Aeon of Death (7:25)
II. Entering the Age of Ascension / 2nd A.b.A. The Aeon of Life (7:22)
III. Atmaah / 82nd A.p.A The Aeon of God (6:42)
IV. The Black City, the Seduction and the Judgement of the Great Harlot / 50th A.p.A. The Aeon of Fornication(7:46)
V. A screaming God / 82nd A.p.A. The Aeon of Darkness (11:01)A.p.A.: Aeon post Ascension
A.b.A.: Aeon before Ascension

S.A. – GitVoxSamplesBass
G.C. – DrumsMaster of the Frequencies

Towncryers/Choir of MYNSKH: Hanns the Mad, Obimahan Ismahil

Special Guest Appearances by:

Matthias Bartolomey – Cello /
Tania Saedi – Vocals on “The Black City, the Seduction…” /
Bernth – Guitar-Solos on “Entering the Age of Ascension” and “A Screaming God” /
Harald Reitweger – Piano on “A Screaming God” /

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Grabner and MYNSKH @Sweat Records Studio /

Artworks by Pierre-Alain D., 3MMI Design /