A Lesson in Darkness

— a chapter has been told —

— the ore has sung —

— dreams of bleak darkness unfold —

— creation and demise —

— the whore took her toll —

— yet onward we will fall —


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a question of commitment..

Greetings humans,

In January 2015, me and drummer G.C. started rehearsing the record. It was a hard and stoney path. Not only had we learn to play all the songs from scratch, but it was also not clear in what constellation we would proceed. We searched for guitar- and bass-players but it didn´t quite feel right to me.
I really wanted to keep the mentality of the two-man project goin and stopped looking for additional members.
Instead we focused on how we could reproduce the record with just the two of us.
With strong commitment and the help of technology we found new ways, new tools to create a heavy raw sound, tight as nails and still keeping the atmosphere of the music.
Over time things began to shape into a clear vision of the live-band.
When Bernth Brodträger took over main-vocals and with Matthias Bartolomey and his good friend Georg Wimmer joining in on cello and violin, i knew we were on the right path.
Just let things happen, dont compromise and go with your gut-feeling…greatness will happen.

With that being said, MYNSKH will enter the stage of the ancient ((szene)) Wien on January 21st, 2017…exactly one year after we started with nothing but a vision and the commitment to realize it.

meanwhile, check out the other projects of the several members:


Thanks for your attention,


Website launched

Witness you unnatural people! I am proud to announce the launch of our offical website.
Here you will find everything you need to know about MYNSKH and the place were I will keep the world informed about upcoming events.