12038829_461936447339870_5336437294774319634_o MYNSKH, created in 2013 by guitarplayer S.A., is an extreme metal-project telling the story of the eponymous city and the civilization that built it.
Written in the Appalachia Mountains of America, MYNSKH started out as a one-man project with a clear vision: to write an intense and dynamic death/black-metal record with a continuing story and concept.

After returning to his home in Austria, S.A. joined forces with his long-time friend and drummer/engineer G.C. to record the album now known as “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection”. When things took shape graphic-artist Pierre-Alain Durand jumped on board who provided the artwork for the album. After the final mix was achieved and the record beeing printed, S.A. decided to look for live-musicians to enter the european stages under the sign of MYNSKH and bring his music to the people.

The Concept

The Story tells about a society striving for absolute perfection, leaving behind all human urges and needs, creating the massive city named MYNSKH and its downfall into depravity. Woven into this concept are questions about the purpose of life in general while serving under the laws of the physical realm and the price one has to pay for trying to reach his inner gold. What state of wretched agony and madness will someone achieve when starring into the infinite blackness of pure, boring perfection? What happens when aeon-long surpressed urges break through the surface and where once was greatness you only find insanity, horror and calamity? If something is created that should not be?

The Music

The music of MYNSKH is rooted in Black and Deathmetal but doesnt shy away from incorporating various influences from all kinds of different sounds. The only rule was not to compromise when it came to realizing the vision. Let the music conduct our actions not the other way around or in other words:

Walls of Guitars melting with distorted celli, pounding drums and percussions collide with disturbing samples and hymnic vocals piercing through venomous screams.

S.A. - GitVoxSamplesBass

S.A. – GitVoxSamplesBass

G.C. - DrumsMaster of the Frequencies

G.C. – DrumsMaster of the Frequencies